Travel with me back to a simpler time: 2016. The air was full of promise, Beyonce's Lemonade had just empowered women everywhere, and I was testing some candle prototypes in my tiny galley kitchen in Millvale, Pennsylvania. I had brainstormed a few candle company names, finally casting aside Rust Belt Diva Candles and Love Letter Candles to decide upon the simplest and most delightful name: Oh! Candles.
Image description: a large white woman with short purple hair and tattoos wearing a floral dress holds out a three-wick candle in a tin container topped with colorful sprinkles.
I'm Katie Oh!, the sole proprietor of Oh! Candles. You would know if you saw me at a market, because I am always donning a ridiculous flower crown and some kind of absurd flowy dress. I LOVE CANDLES. I also love making people happy, which I think candles do better than any one person can.
Got questions, comments, or concerns? Want to talk to me about making candles for your wedding, corporate event, or holiday party? Are you Beyonce Knowles-Carter and you have realized what your empire needs is a candle company, so you'd like to buy mine? Write to me at ohcandlespgh@gmail.com! Let's collaborate!